Meet JARVIS, your personal assistant that can not only automate tasks, but can also help you use your time more efficiently. Read more to find out.

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'Unlike anything before'

J.A.R.V.I.S is a standalone personal AI assistant that listens to your voice using Google’s Speech API and uses AI generated speech to respond to your requests. Below are some other features of JARVIS -

- automate tasks like opening apps, searching on browsers like Google and Firefox, opening and editing files, writing emails, telling the time, finding a location of your choice, etc. on your computer

- Give daily reports of your computer usage, internet usage, app usage, amount of time sitting down and can even give recommendations based on this data. An example would be - ‘you have been sitting on your computer for over an hour, go outside and take a break!’.

- allows you to schedule tasks to be done at a specific time. JARVIS will even remind you of certain tasks that need completing as those deadlines approach, making sure you don’t be late for anything!

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Get Started

Get started with JARVIS using our documentation. In it, we cover the basics of JARVIS - how JARVIS works, the commands JARVIS can answer also with a simple installation process. The documentation also includes solutions to problems you might enounter with JARVIS.


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Get in contact with us using the following links below. Mention any new features we could add to JARVIS by heading over to GitHub. Connect with me via Linkedin or email me using the button below


- Be able to tell local and international time

- Scheduler and Timetabler capabilities. Now, JARVIS can schedule events tasks and events. JARVIS can also remind you of tasks or events that are approaching their respective deadlines.

- Location and Map Capabilities. Now can locate any address using Google Maps. Also responds to commands like 'search restaurants near me', etc.



- Basic calc functions. Now JARVIS can add, subtract, multiply, divide, raise a number to a power, etc.



- Able to get weather from any location



- Revised J.A.R.V.I.S' voice and added time capabilities